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Sorry, I've been so busy, and I rarely get on my Newgrounds account.
Not much has happened I have summer school that's about it.

I'm Not Dead Huzzah!

2011-02-19 23:01:35 by OlivarTheOctopus

I'm only submitting drawings that are people, ones I really like, or really detailed. I recently found a flash drive with a bunch of old account names and drawings. I'll try to submit like a monthly or every other weekly drawing...I can't show you any because the submitty thing on the include picture is gayness and won't allow me to submit .png >:C


2011-02-06 13:32:39 by OlivarTheOctopus

I'm going to color the art I've submitted...I dunno when, but I intend to :DD

Good For Me.

2011-02-05 14:25:17 by OlivarTheOctopus

Made too many different accounts...Anyways, got a tablet and scanner, that I need to hook up. Anyways, people be happy! I submitted 3 doodles so yeah.

One of which is below ^U^

Good For Me.